A Research Agenda for Academic Integrity


A Research Agenda for Academic Integrity

9781789903768 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Tracey Bretag, formerly Professor of Higher Education, University of South Australia
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78990 376 8 Extent: 224 pp
Within the field of higher education, academic integrity is a subject of intense debate. This highly topical book provides indepth analysis of emerging threats to academic integrity, and practical, evidence-based recommendations for creating cultures of integrity. It includes the latest research on contract cheating, and how to identify and respond to it. Internationally renowned scholars from a range of disciplines and countries provide expertise on existing and emerging threats to academic integrity and offer evidence-based advice to all higher education stakeholders.

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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.

This timely Research Agenda provides in-depth analysis of emerging threats posed to academic integrity, alongside practical, evidence-based recommendations for creating cultures of integrity, demonstrating their importance within the commercialised field of higher education. Analysing the latest research on contract cheating, and how to identify and respond to it, this book explores the potential role of cyber-security research as arguably the next academic integrity frontier.

Internationally renowned scholars from a range of disciplines and countries examine challenges surrounding academic integrity, offering advice to all higher education stakeholders. Chapters discuss the role of quality assurance, moving through specific cultural contexts and academic disciplines to provide insights into how to identify serious academic integrity breaches. This Research Agenda also looks at how to foster cultures of integrity, calling for further research on plagiarism, cheating and all forms of academic misconduct.
The opportunities for future research in the book will make this a useful read for scholars examining higher education policy and practice. It will also be helpful to higher education teachers and professionals, policy-makers, and staff working directly with students, as the sector deals with growing concerns about breaches of academic integrity.
Critical Acclaim
‘In the acknowledgments, Tracey Bretag thanks “the hundreds of researchers from all over the world who have made academic integrity the focus of their research and scholarship”. She herself has contributed enormously to this topic and deserves extra credit for making academic integrity a “central to every aspect of education”.’
– E. Denisova-Schmidt, Academy of Management Learning & Education

‘This book should be essential reading for everyone with an interest in authentic learning. By conceiving of academic integrity research as more than just self-reports by students, this collection will provide a research agenda and food for thought for scholars in a vast range of disciplines. Administrators, regulators, scholars of pedagogy, teachers, and everyone with an interest in civil society can find important lessons in this volume.’
– David Rettinger, University of Mary Washington, US

‘With the massification of higher education and the burgeoning role of the internet, academic integrity has become one of the key issues faced by higher education practitioners and managers. This book offers a welcome and international overview of developments – from contract cheating to multilingual essay mills to cybersecurity – and responses to them.’
– Malcolm Tight, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Contributors: P. Ayala-Enríquez, T. Bretag, J. Clare, G. Curtis, P. Dawson, D. Dlabolová, R. Dressler, S. Eaton, C. Ellis, T. Foltýnek, N. Franco-Pérez, T.B. Gallant, I. Glendinning, J. Guerrero-Dib, R. Harper, D. House, E. Morris, G. Pizarro-Puccio, F. Prentice, A. Rogerson, K. Rundle, K. Seaton, K. van Haeringen, A. White


1. Introduction: Emerging issues in academic integrity research
Tracey Bretag

2. The role of quality assurance and regulatory organisations to promote academic integrity
Irene Glendinning

3. From moral awareness to academic integrity in Latin America
Pablo Ayala-Enríquez, Nathalia Franco-Pérez, Jean G. Guerrero-Dib

4. Academic Integrity in Eastern Europe: Beyond Corruption and Plagiarism
Tomáš Foltýnek and Dita Dlabolová

5. Leveraging the teachable moment: What, if anything, can students learn from cheating?
Tricia Bertram Gallant

6. Impediments to reporting contract cheating: Exploring the role of emotions
Felicity Prentice

7. Interactive approaches to learning about academic integrity: The role of fun and games
Amanda White

8. Why students choose not to cheat
Kiata Rundle, Guy Curtis, Joseph Clare

9. A changing focus: Re-considering research on contract cheating
Erica Morris

10. Contract cheating at colleges and other non-university higher education providers
Tracey Bretag and Rowena Harper

11. Technology, policy and research: Establishing evidentiary standards for managing contract cheating cases
Cath Ellis, Karen van Haeringen and David House

12. Multilingual essay mills: The need for research beyond English language commercial providers
Sarah Eaton and Roswita Dressler

13. The use and misuse of online paraphrasing, editing and translation software
Ann M. Rogerson

14. Academic integrity in mathematics education: Breaking the silence
Katherine Seaton

15. Cyber-security: The next academic integrity frontier
Phillip Dawson


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