Open Access Fees

Our Open Access fees are formulated to cover the direct and indirect costs of commissioning, publishing and disseminating our Open Access content, to industry-leading standards of quality and author care.


Open Access Scholarly Monograph or Edited Book*

The standard Book Publishing Charge (BPC) for publication of Open Access Scholarly Monograph and Edited volumes are as follows:

Up to 80,000 words £9,500/ $14,400 (plus applicable taxes)

80,000 -100,000 words £10,800/ $16,400 (plus applicable taxes)

100,000 -120,000 words £12,000/ $18,400 (plus applicable taxes)

120,000 -150,000 words £13,125 / $20,000 (plus applicable taxes)

A 50% discount is available for titles to be made Open Access 24 months after publication


Please note all word counts must be fully inclusive of all footnotes/endnotes and references and include an allowance for figures and tables. Each figure counts as 500 words and each table as 300 words. We will undertake a word count when your manuscript files are delivered and may ask you to remove material if you exceed the contracted word count.

* This fee structure excludes Reference works such as HandbooksCommentariesDictionaries and Encyclopedia. To discuss whether Open Access is possible for your book type, and if so what the fee structure would be, please contact your commissioning editor


Special Promotion

As part of our commitment to the dissemination of knowledge Edward Elgar Publishing is offering to subsidise the Open Access Book Publishing Charge (BPC) so the fee reduces to £7,000 / $9,500 (plus applicable taxes) on a limited number of monographs meeting the following criteria: 

  • single authored scholarly books that fit our list and are likely to have a significant global impact on their field, reaching a wide audience
  • less than 80,000 words including figures and tables, and all footnotes/endnotes and references
  • authors must have a strong international publishing record

Authors should contact the relevant Elgar commissioning editor at an early stage in the writing process to indicate their intention to apply for the subsidised BPC, and if their projects qualify for the above criteria.

Acceptance for publication is subject to a formal publishing proposal being completed by the author, successful completion of the internal editorial review, external peer review and final approval by our editorial board.


Fees for publication of an Open Access monograph chapter

An Author Processing Charge (APC) of £1,575 per chapter (plus applicable taxes)


Fees for publication of an Open Access journal article

An Author Processing Charge (APC) of £1,700 per article (plus applicable taxes)