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UK editorial team

luke adams

Luke Adams

Law (Academic & Professional)

Luke joined Elgar in 2000 as a commissioning editor, having spent the formative early part of his publishing career as an academic sales rep at Pearson Education. He began developing the Elgar law programme in…
ben booth

Ben Booth

Public Law, European Law, International Law

Ben has worked in publishing for over 15 years and is part of the commissioning team for Elgar’s growing law list. He takes responsibility for the broad areas of public law, European law and international…
Catherine Elgar

Catherine Elgar

International Development, Social Policy, sociology

Catherine has worked at EEP for many years and is Publisher for Sociology and Social Policy, overseeing books in all related areas. She leads a highly motivated team of editors committed to commissioning books of…
harry fabian

Harry Fabian

Political Science

Harry joined EEP in 2013, beginning in the Production department before moving on to various editorial roles. Working in partnership with Alex Pettifer, he is responsible for commissioning across the following areas of our Political…
katy crossan v2

Katy Crossan

Geography, Planning, Tourism, Urban & Regional Studies, Heritage Studies

Katy joined EEP in 2015 as part of the editorial team for Elgar’s growing Geography list. She commissions in areas including human geography, planning, built environment, transport, tourism and heritage studies.
chris berry

Chris Berry

Social Science (Original Reference), Law (Academic), Law (Academic & Professional), Law

Commissioning Editor for Elgar Encyclopedias in Law. Chris is a responsible for developing Elgar's encyclopedia list in law - encompassing large, long term, multi-volume works and concise, single volume works. Responsible for all aspects of…
Finn Halligan v2

Finn Halligan


Finn is commissioning editor for EEP’s growing education list. Having held various editorial roles, he is now responsible for developing new monographs and reference works in subjects across the discipline, including education policy, administration and…
Tony Hawitt

Tony Hawitt

Law (Professional)

Tony joined Elgar in 2017 as Professional Law Publisher with a wealth of experience, having previously spent 17 years at Jordans and before that 6 years at Sweet and Maxwell.
laura mann

Laura Mann

Law (Handbooks)

Laura has been with the company since 2008 and is Senior Commissioning Editor responsible for heading up and driving forward Elgar's renowned Research Handbook programme in Law. Laura is always happy to discuss new Research…
daniel mather

Daniel Mather

Social Science (Handbooks), Social Science (Original Reference), sociology, Social Policy, Politics & Public Policy

Daniel joined EEP in 2018 and is Commissioning Editor for Sociology, working closely with Catherine Elgar to develop our fastest-growing list. He is responsible for commissioning all product types in the areas of Social Psychology,…
Francine Osullivan

Francine O'Sullivan

Business & Management, Entrepreneurship

Francine is publisher for the business and management list. She commissions books outside The Americas as well as overseeing the growth of the list. She joined Edward Elgar more than 20 years ago and, alongside…
stephanie tytherleigh

Stephanie Tytherleigh

Law (Academic)

Stephanie is a Commissioning Editor for our Law list, taking responsibility for the broad areas of Private International Law, Law and Society, Health Law, Family Law, Regulation and Criminal Law and Justice. In addition, Stephanie…
alex pettifer

Alex Pettifer

Politics & Public Policy, Environment, Transport, Asian Studies

Alex joined EEP in 2008, originally as a Commissioning Editor, before being promoted to Editorial Director in 2010. As well as his managerial responsibilities, Alex retains a commissioning role, principally in the area of political…
matt pitman

Matt Pitman

Economics, Innovation, Urban & Regional Studies, Geography

Matt has been involved in academic publishing for over 20 years and during that time has seen numerous changes in the way the industry has developed. He is now primarily involved in commissioning in economics,…

US editorial team

Stephen Gutierrez

Stephen Gutierrez

Law (Academic)

Stephen holds an MA in History from King's College, London and an MA in Publishing from Oxford Brookes University. He has worked in academic and educational publishing in an editorial capacity in both the UK…
Alan Sturmer

Alan Sturmer

Economics, Business & Management, Innovation, Geography, Urban & Regional Studies, Transport, Politics & Public Policy

Alan is Executive Editor with responsibility for commissioning for the business and management and economics lists in our US office as well as administering the day-to-day operations of the editorial team there. Before coming to…

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