Author discount, royalties and tax forms


In line with our efforts to minimise our environmental impact we will be sending most statements by email again this year, unless previously agreed otherwise. We will be contacting authors over the summer to confirm the email address you would like to use for this.  

If you have not received your statement by the end of September please check your spam folder and if you still have not received it please contact [email protected].

Following the successful introduction of the online payment platform called Tipalti to make royalty payments in 2020, we are aiming to make most of our payments using Tipalti so if you are invited to create an account please be reassured this is not spam. Tipalti is secure and ensures we can make payments to you much more quickly.

For 2023 we have asked Tipalti support to contact authors directly to assist with setting up their accounts, so if you receive an email from them on this subject please rest assured this is genuine. In previous years some authors experienced difficulties especially where an intermediary bank is needed - e.g. if your bank doesn't accept international payments - so by engaging with Tipalti directly we are hoping to make the process as painless as possible.
We have over 2,500 authors who have successfully set up their Tipalti accounts, and for these authors we are able to pay their royalties very quickly.

Author and contributor discount

Edward Elgar Publishing published authors and contributors receive a 50% discount off all Elgar books purchased for personal use from our website. 

Your personal discount code was sent to you when your book was published. If your book is not yet published or you have lost your code please contact your editor or marketing contact and we will be happy to resend the code to you. The 50% discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Sales and royalties

Sales information and royalties are reported and paid in September each year and based on net sales made in the 12 month period to June 30th.

After the first few years' royalty statements will only be sent if there are sales recorded. Royalty payments below the threshold specified in your author contract will roll over to the next calendar year. Please do contact your commissioning editor if you would like a sales update.


Receiving your royalty payment through Tipalti

Royalty payments to authors are made through the secure payments platform provided by Tipalti.

New authors will be invited to register with Tipalti and select their preferred payment method and currency when their book is published. Authors will receive a notification when a payment is made and can track payment status through their Tipalti account.

If you would like to verbally verify any emails received about your royalty please call our Cheltenham, UK, office and ask for the accounts department. +44 1242 226 934


Royalty payment method changes

Authors can change their preferred payment method and currency in their Tipalti account using the email address that they registered.

Royalty email address changes

If you provided a specific email address for royalties at time of publication we will use that address for sending your royalty statement and setting up your Tipalti account (see above). If you did not provide a different email address for royalties we will use the email address we have on file for you.

If the email address that you would like us to use for royalties changes it is important that you inform us and specify if you would also like us to use this for general company information.

Avoiding double taxation


We have been made aware by some authors that there seem to be some major delays with HMRC in issuing double taxation certificates. Unfortunately until we have the certificate from HMRC authorising us to make payments gross, i.e. without deducting UK income tax, by law we have to make the tax deduction from any royalty payments.

We are unable to follow up with HMRC on an author’s behalf as we are not permitted to discuss individual tax affairs with HMRC. If you are concerned that a certificate may be late please follow up with HMRC directly. Contact details can be found in the link below.

To comply with UK tax laws Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd is obliged to deduct income tax at the UK standard rate from royalty earnings. If you are resident outside of the UK for tax purposes you can avoid paying double tax at home and in the UK by completing a Double Taxation Treaty Relief Form and sending it to your local tax authority. You will need to do this well in advance of the royalty payment date to avoid double taxation.

Please see below for a link to the form and further information from HMRCs website:

Please ensure you select the correct form for your specific country. 

Once you have completed the relevant form and submitted it to your tax authority, they will certify it and send it on to the UK tax authorities at HMRC.  HMRC will then approve the form and send us a certificate authorising us to pay the advances and royalties without deducting UK Income Tax. Without this certificate from HMRC we will have to deduct UK income tax from our payments to you.

Edward Elgar Publishing is not permitted to give tax advice and can not advise on how best to complete the form.  You can contact HM Revenue and Customs on +44 135 535 9022 if calling from outside of the UK, or 0300 200 3300 if calling from the UK, or alternatively contact your tax advisor.

If you choose not to apply for a double taxation certificate we will deduct tax at source when making payments to you and you will be able to reclaim them via your tax return in your country of tax residence.