Research Handbook on Digital Strategy


Research Handbook on Digital Strategy

9781800378896 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Carmelo Cennamo, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Affiliate Professor of Digital Transformation, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy, Giovanni Battista Dagnino, Chair of Management and Professor of Digital Strategy, University of Rome LUMSA, Italy and Feng Zhu, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, US
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 889 6 Extent: 428 pp
This state-of-the-art Research Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the key strategic challenges that firms face when dealing with digital markets, platforms, and products and services, from old strategy questions in need of different solutions to entirely novel issues posed by the new competitive digital context.

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This state-of-the-art Research Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the key strategic challenges that firms face when dealing with digital markets, platforms, and products and services, from old strategy questions in need of different solutions to entirely novel issues posed by the new competitive digital context.

Bringing together contributions from international experts in digital strategy, the Research Handbook depicts the contours of the major threads of investigation that shape the digital transformation process at firm, platform, market, and industry levels. Chapters explore the fundamentals of digital strategy and digitization, the design of digital organizational architectures, how value is created and captured through data strategies, and the manifold challenges that firms face in the digital era. From the impact of Big Data analytics and AI on management thinking and practice to the nature of digital competition and user engagement on social media platforms, the Research Handbook takes stock of emerging issues and advancements in digital strategy research and ultimately considers how future digital strategy frameworks might be cultivated.

This timely Research Handbook will be an invaluable tool for students and scholars of strategic management, international management, entrepreneurship, and technology and innovation management. Its discussion of how digital strategy relates to traditional strategy frameworks will also benefit executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants with an interest in better understanding the state of the art of digital strategy.
Critical Acclaim
‘A tour-de-force! The Research Handbook on Digital Strategy offers a tantalizing buffet of rich perspectives. By unpacking how digital strategy is reshaping the fundamental rules of competition and cooperation, the authors provide compelling insights into the next generation of strategies. Highly relevant for firms ranging from established multi-nationals to the newest tech ventures.’
– Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, co-author of Simple Rules and Competing on the Edge, Stanford University, US

‘The era of digital transformation requires an updated examination of strategy fundamentals. The Research Handbook on Digital Strategy presents a timely, thoughtful, and thought-provoking set of studies and perspectives that helps move the conversation forward in meaningful ways. The editors have assembled a robust collection of experts and essays that will deliver valuable insight to every interested reader.’
– Ron Adner, Dartmouth College, US

‘An excellent atlas of digital transformation which enables the reader to appreciate the differences between industrial age and digital age competition. The multilayered and multifaceted nature of big data and digital strategy is explained without clutter by well grounded managerial scholars.’
– David J. Teece, University of California, Berkeley, US
Contributors: Aleksi Aaltonen, Sungu Ahn, Cristina Alaimo, Paolo Aversa, Charles Baden-Fuller, Yongjian Bao, Kevin Boudreau, Francesco Burelli, Francesca Cabiddu, Carmelo Cennamo, Panos Constantinides, Ioanna Constantiou, Giovanni Battista Dagnino, Alberto Di Minin, Giulio Ferrigno, Igor Filatotchev, Nathan Furr, Oksana Gerwe, Werner Hoffman, Thomas Huber, Francesca Hueller, Lars Jeppesen, Kimmo Karhu, Niloofar Kazemargi, Pantelis Koutroumpis, Thomas Kude, Guglielmo La Bruna, Aija Leiponen, Jan Lepoutre, Feng Li, Bayes Anoop Madhok, Julien Malaurent, Milan Miric, Ludovica Moi, Ramya K. Murthy, Oleksiy Osiyevskyy, Per Egil Pedersen, Danilo Pesce, Andrea Prencipe, Yanina Rashkova, Richard Reinsberg, Georg Reischauer, Paavo Ritala Andrew Shipilov, Rosario Silva, Birgit A.A. Solem, Paolo Spagnoletti, Sophia Shtepa, Llewellyn Thomas, Christopher Tucci, Stephan von Delft, Yang Zhao, Feng Zhu

Introduction: digital strategy – linear evolution or paradigm shift? 1
Carmelo Cennamo, Giovanni Battista Dagnino and Feng Zhu

1 Digital diversification 18
Paolo Aversa and Francesca Hueller
2 The next frontier of digital business model innovation 43
Ludovica Moi, Yanina Rashkova and Francesca Cabiddu
3 Crafting digital business models: an ongoing process of innovation and
imitation 60
Stephan von Delft and Yang Zhao
4 The digitalization of physical reality: theoretical lenses to incorporate
digitalization into management research 83
Gianvito Lanzolla, Danilo Pesce and Christopher Tucci
5 Framing and reframing digital business models: the global messenger industry 102
Sungu Ahn and Charles Baden-Fuller
6 Free(mium) strategies for digital goods 126
Kevin J. Boudreau, Lars Bo Jeppesen and Milan Miric

7 Platform scope and value creation in digital platforms 143
Ramya K. Murthy and Anoop Madhok
8 A user guide to centralized, adaptive and decentralized ecosystems 159
Andrew Shipilov, Nathan Furr and Francesco Burelli
9 Inquiry into digital peer-to-peer platforms 177
Oksana Gerwe and Rosario Silva
10 Value creation in digital platform business models: value
conceptualizations, value dimensions and value logics 194
Richard Reinsberg, Birgit A.A. Solem and Per Egil Pedersen
11 Digital competition and user engagement: how do the user engagement
strategies of social media platforms contribute to value creation? 211
Ioanna Constantiou
12 Platform governance as a social movement 224
Thomas Huber, Thomas Kude, Jan Lepoutre and Julien Malaurent

13 Strategizing with data: data-based innovations and complementarities 239
Cristina Alaimo and Aleksi Aaltonen
14 Profiting from data products 255
Llewellyn D.W. Thomas, Aija Leiponen and Pantelis Koutroumpis
15 Capturing value from data complementarities: a multi-level framework 273
Paavo Ritala and Kimmo Karhu
16 Data control coordination in cloud-based ecosystems: the EU GAIA-X
ecosystem 289
Niloofar Kazemargi, Paolo Spagnoletti, Panos Constantinides and Andrea

17 “Open source corporate governance” in the era of digital transformation 309
Igor Filatotchev and Gianvito Lanzolla
18 The impact of artificial intelligence on management practice 324
Sophia Shtepa, Yongjian Bao and Oleksiy Osiyevskyy
19 The strategic use of big data analytics: applications in business practice
and effects on firm performance 342
Giovanni Battista Dagnino and Guglielmo La Bruna
20 Digital coopetition: creating and capturing value with rivals in the age
of algorithms, big data, and platforms 360
Georg Reischauer and Werner H. Hoffmann
21 Key open innovation issues in the digital age: a field-driven research agenda 376
Giulio Ferrigno and Alberto Di Minin
22 What is digital strategy and does it really matter? 393
Feng Li

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